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Posted: 20th November 2013 by Richard B in Dog Surfing
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My parents totally exploit me. Dad wanted to do an advertising mailer and mom came up with the idea of me dressed up in a hand me down too tight santa outfit and a catchy title. Dad loved it and before you can say cowabunga, I’m at the beach in front of all the dogs […]


Posted: 6th November 2013 by Richard B in Los Angeles

This is me at Tess’s house and I might add it’s a very cool house in Los Angeles. Just look at me by the fire here. Tess made my parents an amazing feast for their anniversary. She even made homemade pasta. There was enough food for fifty people. She has a shelter dog too, named […]

Hiking in Runyon Canyon

Posted: 6th November 2013 by Richard B in Los Angeles
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SO last week we go to Los Angeles for my parent’s 30th anniversary. There are no dog friendly beaches there, which is so not cool. Another thing that is not cool is hiking. It’s hot, all uphill, lots of people and dogs. My brothers though were liking it. Gino jogged up to the top with […]

Swimming in the Bay

Posted: 6th November 2013 by Dale in San Diego
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TGIF!! I just love Fridays, every Friday me and dad go to Coronado Bay and I swim and play with my rubber stick. My annoying little brothers walk with mom and it’s just me and my dad doing our guy thing. Then after our swim we go for bagels and right now Bruegger’s has pumpkin […]