Posted: 13th June 2015 by Richard B in Dog Surfing
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Tara 2Louie 2Joanne 2                     The month of May was pawsome! I started surfing again on Sundays at Del Mar dog beach. Every Sunday we get to the beach around 9. Before I surf, I play with dad with my super cool toy that floats in the water. Then dad takes my board and he tries to catch a couple of waves. I try and give him a look that shows I’m impressed  but everyone on the beach knows I blow him away. When I can’t take it anymore I go in the water and start barking. Mom then comes over and waves dad into shore and tells him it’s my turn. Once I’m out there ripping and gripping, I’m a happy happy dog! There is a dark spot on these beach visits though. Before we leave, dad lets my little annoying brother, Gino, get on the board and surf. He looks totally stupid. One week he actually took a wave in and everyone was cheering for him. I can’t tell you how it ruined my whole day, especially when the talk turned to entering him in the contest. I’m not going to think about it because it makes me seriously ill! Also in May, it was my sister, Tara’s birthday! Even though we fight like brothers and sisters do, I love her so much! She is an amazing young woman and I’m proud that I’m her brother even though she uses me in some of her jokes when she is on stage doing her comedy act. That’s okay, because when she comes to visit, I sit next to my four trophies that I have won surfing and grin from ear to ear! The Make A Wish Amazing Race was in May and my mom bikes in it every year. She raised a ton of money this year thanks to her amazing generous friends at the Marina where we have our boat. Way to go Mom! Except for the Gino surfing, May was Pawsome!

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