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My sister, Tara got married at the Wayfarer Chapel to her best friend, Matt. They are both a big part of Team Louie. They come to my contests and make sure I’m safe out there on the water. Mom bought me a cool tuxedo for the wedding and my little yappy brothers got bow ties. If you notice in the picture with mom and dad, we are not wearing our fancy duds. That is because Tara and Matt didn’t think it was a good idea for us to be the ring bearers or for me to be the best man. I know I couldn’t believe it either. Mom was upset and gave us so many treats and she let us go to the after party. At the party, I had to hear how wonderful the wedding was and the reception was so much fun, blah blah blah. It’s okay though, the after party was at a cool hotel and we got to sit on the patio and I ate french fries while mom talked to her east coast family and friends. Who by the way all loved me and I got mega attention all night. After all, I’m king of the waves! Congrats to Tara and Matt, I love you both!


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photo (2)So my parents take me to breakfast in Los Angeles to meet my sister and her soon to be husband, Matt. Need I mention that the annoying little brothers came to. Everyone is sitting around talking about the upcoming wedding and eating their eggs and not a crumb goes to me. I’m drooling big time and giving my paw, which I hate to do by the way, and nothing. It’s all wedding talk. Then the waitress comes out and and she lets out a gasp and says that she loves me. She is making a big fuss over me and then my mom tells her that I surf. Her eyes light up and she screams! Her name is Rande and she is a surfer and just got back from Hawaii where the waves were awesome. We totally bond over surfing. I can see my sister is not happy that the conversation has turned and I am now the center of attention. Breakfast ended up wonderful with Rande! It’s good to be King of the Waves!


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I love surf contests! Look how happy everyone is. Even my annoying little yappy brothers don’t annoy me on surf day. I can’t thank Dale enough for taking great shots of me and my family so we can remember this day forever!  What a day, sun, waves, family, friends and in case you didn’t read the “I Won” blog, I won. All around pawsome time. Mom and Dad have been taking me out all week to breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. It’s good to be King of the Waves! oh Yeah!

I WON!!!!

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Louie Del MarOn September 7th, I donned a red rash guard and hit the waves at the Helen Woodward Surf dog contest. I was entered in the large dog heat. I had a great team that were so dedicated to me. Dale was out in the water taking pictures of me. Mom was on shore with my little brothers watching dad, Bill and Krissy take me out into the waves. When the perfect waves came, they didn’t waste anytime sending me on my way. Everyone in the crowd was screaming my name. It was pawsome as I rode every wave right to shore. I got the highest score and won the large dog class. I was never so happy! It was the pawfect surf day. Thanks to everyone who helped make me famous that day. Cowabunga!

Dog Surf-a-Thon 2014

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Del Mar, California


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Louie  Bill BoardThis is me posing in front of my billboard! It’s on Highway 101 in Encinitas. When my parents drove up and I got out of the car, I totally freaked out! I couldn’t believe Helen Woodward picked me to advertise the dog surf-a-thon! I was blown away and so grateful not to mention super excited. Mom and dad both cried while my little brothers just barked in the back seat. Color them green with jealousy. But not to worry everyone, I’m not letting it go to my head. Even though I really don’t understand why I haven’t been contacted yet by Entertainment Tonight or one of those shows. Come on people, I’m on a billboard!


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photo (10)Okay so we are at the surf  contest on Sunday at Imperial Beach, Dad is explaining to me the wave situation and the rip current. What is my little brother doing? He is on the surf board and giving Dad attitude. Leo picks this time to act up and wanting attention. He had just watched the small dog event and thought he could go out there. Obviously he was becoming delusional by the sun. I am King of the Waves and the only surfer in this family!


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photo (9)This is me and King acting like James Bond in the Imperial Beach Surf Contest. It was cool to wear a tux and act like a spy. I was pretending the bad guys were on the wave next to us. Then when we surfed next to them, I was going to jump on their board and take them down, just like Bond would do. We didn’t win the tandem but we took every wave and gave the crowd a good show. Afterwards I had my water shaken not stirred.

Petco Dog Surfing – Imperial Beach 2014

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photo (8)This is my shock and awe face! I was asked to be a special guest at the Doggie Street Festival. How cool is that? It’s at NTC Park Liberty Station on July 12th. The parade begins at 10 sharp. There will be lots of booths, contests, prizes and most important you can adopt a fur kid. My parents rescued me from a really bad situation. I was very ill but they nursed me back to health and moved me across country so I could surf. I won the lottery with them! So please come and adopt a dog so they can win the lottery like I did. I will be on stage from 12 to 1 giving out my paw print like a big shot celeb! A shout out to Jude for calling my parents and asking me to help out at the festival. It’s going to be a pawsome day, so come on over and make it pawfect by adopting a cutie like me. See you there!


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photo (6)Here I am having breakfast last Saturday and the next thing I know, mom is sneaking out in a wet suit. This is what happened last year. She volunteers for Helen Woodward Animal Center and teaches dogs to surf on Saturdays. She came back all excited about the three dogs she taught. Apparently the Westie dog was the best one, blah blah blah. I don”t have to tell you I was not happy, I had to sit on the boat with my two little brothers, while she was having fun in the waves with other dogs. If you go to SoCalSurfDogs website, you can see their schedule and sign up and get my mom to help your dog surf. Don’t feel bad that I’m sitting home with no one to play with.


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photo (5) It’s that time again for the surf contest! Where I go out on the waves and rip it and grip it for all my adoring fans. Anything can happen, as in this picture, where I bumped into Betsy, we rode the wave in together and the crowd went wild. This year I will be sharing a board with my best buddy, King. We are doing the Tandem Heat. Come down and cheer us on and you will get a kick out of our costumes. I can’t tell you what we will be dressed as, you will just have to drive down on July 13th and scream out go Lou and King!

Magnificent Condo for Rent Down Town San Diego

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Beautiful Condo for rent at the Renaissance Down Town San Diego


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Louie sleepingLouie  Jo KUSIThis morning I was on the news. As you can see, when we got there I was wide awake and couldn’t wait to go on. When we got on the set, Sandie, gave me a Body Glove outfit she had made for me. Boy, did I feel special. Then everyone came over to meet me and even gave me treats, really good ones. The cameraman figured out where I would sit during the show. Dad lifted me up on the ledge and before  you could say cowabunga, I fell asleep in the sun. Mom asked the crew if she should wake me for the show but everyone thought it was adorable with me sleeping. So the show went on, mom got interviewed, they showed clips of me and dad surfing, and I snored on. Afterwards when I woke up, everyone congratulated me for a pawsome show. Being a celeb is a little bit crazy but fun!


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KingThis is my friend, King, in the tub.His dad, Bill, is about to wash all the sand out of his fur. Every Sunday the both of them would meet me and my dad and go surfing with us. King lent me his board to practice on because it was heavier than mine and could take the big waves. Bill and King drove all the way down to Huntington Beach the day of my contest to help my dad take me out in the waves. King sat on the beach and cheered me on like only a best friend can. Afterwards our dads took us to the doggie day spa and treated us like the kings we are! Thanks, Bill and King for all you did for me and my dad.


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7 foot Wave  PurinaHere I am at the Purina Challenge in Huntington Beach! I’m totally ripping and gripping it. I didn’t win but had a great time. The waves were around five feet so I did take a couple tumbles but got right up again and hung twenty. Also, mom and dad took me to a great breakfast place where I had a waffle with eggs and bacon in it. Then went to a doggie day spa. My sister, Tara, came in too and played with me on the beach.  All in all a great vacay!

Purina Incredible Dog Challenge 2014

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Huntington Beach, CA


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photo (4)I was surfing every Sunday with my friend, King. We would be ripping and gripping the waves for a good two hours every weekend. During the week, it was my usual, running on the dock, playing ball, or going for two hours walks with my little brothers. Then all of a sudden one morning I woke up sick. I refuse to say, sick as a dog. In England, I hear they say, sick as a parrot. Bottom line, I was very sick. Mom started crying and so did dad. They rushed me to the vet’s office. After some tests, it came out that I have a bladder infection. I’m taking antibiotics now and getting plenty of treats, more than my yappy little brothers. Today I ran on the dock chasing my toy, I’m almost back to normal but I can’t help it at times to play up to mom and dad so I get mega attention and lots of treats and kisses. After all, I’m King of the Waves, even under the weather!


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photo (2)This is me in the morning before I play with  my toy. Most people have to get up and have a cup of coffee but I need this toy in the morning to get me going. I love chasing it down the dock and then playing tug of war with dad. Today dad was texting, emailing and not looking at me sitting on the dock. Just as I was  about to throw a tantrum, dad stepped off the boat. He picked up my toy and threw it down the dock.  I immediately got an adrenaline rush, like an electric current going through my body as I ran after it. I bought it back to him and we played tug of war with it. It was like having ten espressos! When I got back on the boat, mom had my toast and cherry jelly all ready for me. Life is good.