Posted: 2nd May 2015 by Richard B in San Diego
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photo (16)photo (19)photo (15)photo (18)┬áThe month of April came and went so fast! There were no beach outings as you can see in these pictures. I do have to be grateful though that mom didn’t dress me up as a bunny for Easter. I did put my paw down and I didn’t have to don the bunny ears and cotton tail. If you look at the picture of mom and Tara laughing though, that was on Easter and they went Paddle Boarding without me. Didn’t even ask if I wanted to go. Even though it’s totally not my sport, I would have liked to have had an invitation. The black and white picture of me was I guess on one of those rainy days and Mondays get me down times. It also felt like since there was no surfing that month that I slept through the thirty days of April. I would like to give a shout out to two special people that had their birthdays in April. My uncle Mike who lives in Oregon, love you man, happy birthday, and Gladys who lives in Queens, New York and has been friends with my mom for 37 years. When we lived in New Jersey she would come and visit me. She is one special lady. She turned 75 and looks fabulous! Happy birthday girlfriend! Also the last picture, I had to rummage through the boat and find my king hat to remind my family that the whole month of April went by and I didn’t surf. I’m the King of the Waves for crying out loud. I know how to instill guilt into them. We didn’t surf but We went out for pizza and I got more treats than my brothers. All I’m saying though is that come May I better be back on the waves! Cowabunga dudes!

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