Posted: 28th March 2015 by Richard B in San Diego
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That’s my Auntie Vicky sitting next to me and petting me. My mom is in the background. She lives in Newport Beach and has a great house with a yard. Since I live on a boat and don’t have a yard, this is heaven for me to run around on the grass. As you notice in the next picture I’m playing with a football. Auntie Vicky thought of everything when she invited us over. There were balls and we played a game of monkey in the middle. I was the monkey but it actually was fun even though I never did catch the ball. My yappy little brothers were there too but they didn’t want to play with any of the toys. Leo and Gino insisted on sitting on dad’s lap the whole time. They didn’t even take advantage of the yard. Something is seriously wrong with them but that’s a whole other blog! Vicky isn’t really my aunt but she has been best friends with mom for 15 years. When my sister Tara was getting married, Vicky threw her the best bridal shower ever and even invited me. I didn’t go because I wanted it to be Tara’s day and I knew she wouldn’t want to play monkey in the middle on that day. Being King of the Waves means that where ever I go, I’m the celebrity at the party. So thank You Auntie Vicky for all your love that you give me. I know you like my brothers but let’s be real here, I’m┬áher favorite!

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