Posted: 12th February 2015 by Richard B in San Diego

photo (12)photo (13)You are looking at the love of my life. Her name is Charlotte. I know what you are thinking. How anyone as lovely and beautiful as Charlotte be in love with me? I met her right away when I came to live in New Jersey with my parents. We were on the third floor and Charlotte was on the first. It was love at first sight. Charlotte was feisty and let me know right away that she wouldn’t tolerate any of my puppy behavior. She was two and I was six months old. We went for long walks together in all kinds of weather. Charlotte always used to dress up on our walks and sometimes I would get her dirty and she just would shrug it off. That is when I knew we were more than friends. Her mom and my mom would take us everyday to my dad’s cafe on the Hudson River. Dad would give us bacon or sometimes a bagel. If I thought she was getting more and start to get a little crazy, Charlotte would get right in my face. We also went to the same daycare in New Jersey. I would never let her out of my sight and made sure everybody knew she was with me. I ¬†admit I got in to some fights and once had to get stitches. But it was all worth it for that smile she would lay on me. When I moved to San Diego to pursue my dreams of surfing I had to leave Charlotte behind. We still talk all the time and I have always been faithful even though we are oceans apart. She loves that I’m a big time celeb surfing guy out here and I always tell her I win for her. I know one day Charlotte will come out here and live in California with me. We will go on our walks, eat bacon now and then and maybe she will get on the board with me and we will ride the waves. Happy Valentine Everybody and hope you all find true love like I have in Charlotte!

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