Posted: 15th January 2015 by Richard B in San Diego
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photo (11)photo (10)This year I had two birthday celebrations! I turned the big 8. The picture with the king hat on was taken at the Del Mar Plaza. Joni and Dave and Robin and Dave joined us for my pizza party. I ate so much pizza, much more than the annoying little ones, Gino and Leo. Then Joni surprised me with pumpkin crumb cake! It was delish! We hung out and watched the sunset and had lots of laughs. The night was all about me, king of the waves! The other picture was taken the next day when we went to Beverly Hills to see my sister, Tara. She works at this cool French Cafe. It looks like a cottage with a big wrap around deck. A lot of celebs hang there too. When I strutted in, everyone turned to gaze in my direction. They knew even though I didn’t wear my king hat. Tara gave me some yummy french bread and mom shared her eggs with me. The staff treated me like royalty and all wished me a happy birthday. It was a pawsome birthday and I loved the gift my parents got me. It was a huge monkey pillow that I sleep with every night now. It’s good to be King!

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