Posted: 2nd July 2015 by Richard B in San Diego
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Louie and a crowd  The picture of me in the middle about sums up the month of June. It was cloudy all month which San Diego people call June Gloom. So not only does Mondays and rainy days get me down, I now have the whole month of June! For starters, Mom has now starting teaching dog surfing this month.

She volunteers for Helen Woodward Animal Center and runs off on Saturdays mornings to teach three classes of dog surfing. I mean look at that first picture of me coming to the shore and the crowd shouting my name and going wild. Do I really need all those new dogs coming into the competitions? Not to mention my own mother teaching them! Plus, she comes home from class and she is so happy and goes on and on how great the dogs were, blah blah blah. She totally doesn’t see that it upsets me. Speaking of being upset, this month my parents are still insisting on taking Gino, mLeo1y little brother, surfing. Every Sunday we go to Del Mar dog beach and Gino gets on my board, that’s right you heard me right, my board! Believe it or not, he even caught a few good waves. Last week he took the crest of the wave but I’m sure it was accidental. Speaking of accidents, my parents better not ask me to babysit him anytime soon! The last picture is of my older brother, Leo. His birthday was June 30th and he was 12. My mom loves dressing him up in all kinds of outfits. Her friend, Linda, loves to send Leo all these cute outfits and mom goes crazy dressing him up. I really can’t complain about him though, he is really a good brother. He loves to curl up next to me at night on my bed. He also would never even try to surf on my board like that devil Gino. For his birthday we all went out for pizza and Leo was perfectly happy sharing his slice with me. Happy Birthday, bro, I love you! Let’s hope July brings the sun and that Gino gets off my board! I am King of the Waves!Louie 1

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