Posted: 20th December 2014 by Richard B in San Diego

photo (4)

Well as you can see by this picture I put my paw down and refused to wear a Santa outfit, but then mom put that stupid thing around my neck. So now I’m looking like a court jester! I know mom thinks I look like an elf but come on, not even close. All I know is there better be some pawsome gifts under the tree for me and of course I should get more than my annoying little brothers. Speaking of Gino, he took a chunk out of the couch today and boy was mom mad. So I’m guessing he wont be getting a single present. Leo the littlest one is always perfect but as everyone knows, I’m King of the Waves, so I’m betting on a very pawsome Christmas. To all my fans out there, a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year and check me out in 2015 on the beach!

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