Posted: 24th October 2015 by Richard B in San Diego

Louies Certificate    On September 13th, 2015, Louie was inducted to the surf dog Hall of Fame! It was a wonderful day and honor but also a very sad one. We accepted the award for Louie and of course wished with all our hearts Louie could have been there. Helen Woodward Foundation hosted the ceremony and gave us the award. They said so many pawsome things about Louie. We are so grateful for all the love that they bestowed on us.

Our daughter Tara, who is an artist, drew a picture of Louie with angel wings and surfing in Heaven. Gino, our other rescue dog, surfed that day in the medium dog contest and he ended up surfing great. He just went out there on the waves intending to surf in Louie’s honor and he surprised us all by taking all the waves right to shore. Leo, our tiny rescue dog, was our cheerleader all day. It was a great family day plus many friends came to the beach to see Louie being honored. I know Louie was looking down from above and barking!

We would liIMG_6575ke to thank family, friends, and all of Louie’s fans for all the love they shared with Louie. As you all know, Louie was beyond pawsome and will remain in our hearts and memories forever. A special thanks to Dale Porter, who made sure of that with all the love he put into Louie’s pictures, videos, and the making of this web site. Dale is also beyond pawsome!

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