Posted: 22nd May 2014 by Richard B in San Diego

photo (4)I was surfing every Sunday with my friend, King. We would be ripping and gripping the waves for a good two hours every weekend. During the week, it was my usual, running on the dock, playing ball, or going for two hours walks with my little brothers. Then all of a sudden one morning I woke up sick. I refuse to say, sick as a dog. In England, I hear they say, sick as a parrot. Bottom line, I was very sick. Mom started crying and so did dad. They rushed me to the vet’s office. After some tests, it came out that I have a bladder infection. I’m taking antibiotics now and getting plenty of treats, more than my yappy little brothers. Today I ran on the dock chasing my toy, I’m almost back to normal but I can’t help it at times to play up to mom and dad so I get mega attention and lots of treats and kisses. After all, I’m King of the Waves, even under the weather!

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