Posted: 14th March 2015 by Richard B in San Diego
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I’m sure you realize that I am not in the family picture. Tara performed in Vegas at a comedy festival. I was left behind in the room with two little dogs who happen to be my annoying brothers. I would have loved to watch Tara perform but noooooo, was left behind to babysit. The next day though mom found a wonderful breakfast place called Coffee Pub. This is me with Alexis, who was amazing and loved me. I got treated like royalty there. They were impressed that I was King of the Waves! Later, mom and dad took me to the strip in Vegas and everyone went bananas when they saw me. Everyone wanted a picture with me and I felt like I knew what Elvis must have gone through trying to simply walk down the street. After all, we are both Kings. Viva Las Vegas!!!

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