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Hi, my name is Louie Armstrong Esposito and i’m a six year old English Bulldog. My life now consists of surfing, eating vanilla yogurt, playing at the park in San Diego and annoying my toy fox terrier brother, Leo. Who by the way is totally annoying. All he likes to do is be carried around by my mom and if she doesn’t pick him up, he shakes like a loon, like I said, totally annoying.

My life wasn’t always so wonderful and festive. When I was six months old, my mom and my sister, Tara, (who by the way is a comedian and makes fun of me on stage. (another annoying sibling), walked into a pet shop to get some dog food for Lizzie and Leo. Lizzie was my big sister who died last year. She got on my nerves sometimes but I did think she was kind of cool. She looked like a big wolf. So back to the story, I was sitting in a very small cage, I was hungry and had lots of sores all over me and had trouble breathing and couldn’t really walk and I smelled really really bad. Mom was buying the food and never ever walked to the back of the store as her car was always doubled parked outside and she was always in a hurry but that day Tara tagged along with her for some reason and came in the back and saw me and called mom back. Mom came back to see me and I cried when I saw her and then she let out a cry and ran away, Tara followed her. I had a tsunami of emotions roll over me, I knew we were connected somehow but didn’t know what to do about it. Fear pounded through my whole body thinking I might never see her again.

Later that night, a man came in and demanded that I leave with him. He didn’t back down and the next thing I know he is carrying me out and putting me in a white Mustang convertible. I prayed that I was going to see that lady that cried when she saw me. He carried me on the elevator and into an apartment. There she was again and she was crying. I cried out too. I knew I had stepped paw into heaven.

She took charge right away, since I couldn’t walk that much she hired a very cool guy who made me run next to his bike three days a week and after the bike session we would play in the park with a ball. We went to the vet’s office sometimes three times a week. I was on pills and taking a oatmeal bath every day and sometimes at night too. I still smelled bad but I was getting stronger and everyone in the apartment building knew about me and bought me gifts but most important I was always surrounded by love.

My parents owned a bar in New Jersey on the Hudson River and made me the mascot even though I smelled and had accidents all the time. Lizzie and Leo were jealous. They waited at the apartment while dad and Tara would take pictures of me at the bar and blow them up into posters where everyone could see how cute I was. I became kind of famous, people wanted to have a beer with me and would bring me toys and sometimes bacon(my fave food).

During the day, my mom started me at daycare. It was my favorite place on earth to go. I would get there at seven in the morning and play till seven at night. Mom would have to carry me to the car cause I played so hard. All the workers  loved me. I had to wear a diaper there cause of my accidents.  My mom would cry and was worried the other dogs would make fun of me but I grew tough and they started to call me the sheriff at daycare.

Then one day, mom was at the bar reading a newspaper, the article showed all these dogs surfing and a great dog surfing club and mom thought that I should surf, that the ocean would really help my skin and my smell and I could have all the accidents I wanted in the ocean and not have to wear a diaper. So before you could say cowabunga, we were off to California and onto a new adventure. We arrived on a Wednesday and Saturday I had my first surf lesson at Coronado Beach. I aced it! Mom cried and Dad was so proud. Mom said she couldn’t go back to New Jersey that I had to stay here and be a surfing dude.

Dad went back to Jersey and mom took me for more lessons and I couldn’t get enough of surfing. When the lesson was over, I would bark and cry and would have to be dragged off the beach and pout the whole way home. My sister, Tara soon moved out west and we were one big happy family. Tara who is a stand up comedian, immediately made the rounds in Los Angeles making fun of me but I’m cool with it.

My wish is for all those dogs out there that are feeling lonely and lost like I was feeling that they find someone that walks into their life and changes everything for them. I love my life, my mom and dad, and my sister Tara, and even my stupid little brother who shakes 24/7. I also love my friend, Dale, he takes pictures and videos of me and makes me look like a hollywood movie star and when he sees me, he always breaks into the biggest smile and makes me feel special. Dreams do come true!

Oh and one more thing, I didn’t think anything could top the day I came home to my new family but then in September I won first place in the Huntington beach surf contest, when my mom and dad went up to the stage to get my trophy, my mom started crying and couldn’t stop. She believed in me and I didn’t let her down.

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